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Speaker: Natalia Vasilyeva, Marketing & Strategy from Anzu

In this webinar, Anzu will explore how many games today are reaching broad, global communities and the implications that has for how we think about our target audiences, social issues, and the varying roles of developers, publishers, and advertisers.

They will ask:

  • As gaming becomes more mainstream, does it have an edge over other entertainment industries to put important messages forward?
  • How diverse is the gamer profile? Whose interests do game developers/publishers and advertisers need to cater to? Do they want brands to take a stance on social issues?
  • How can industry players make gaming more inclusive? How can they shape internal and external initiatives to better serve gamers coming from different backgrounds and walks of life.

This webinar is open to Fair Play Alliance members and also to non-members, please feel free to share among your networks.

We hope this will be an interactive session–please come ready with your thoughts and questions!