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Speaker: Niina Ojala, Lead Product Manager in Player Safety and Compliance from Rovio Entertainment

The importance of safe and responsible gaming is evermore important to prevent harm to players and enforce inspiring gaming spaces for the well-being of the players. It is widely known that online harassment and bullying is all too common and gaming companies need to better align their efforts to combat these threats. Harm can occur throughout the player journey, from game design and mechanics to interactions between players and data sharing within the whole ecosystem of advertising and publishing. F2P gaming companies are struggling at the face of these challenges. A well-structured and pragmatic framework is needed to help the organisations to be effective and efficient in their efforts. This presentation provides three dimensions of ambition to change, a checklist type of tool, and describes a strategic framework developed at Rovio, that outlines strategic options, gives detailed lists of capabilities, staffing and technology needed overall, as well as instructs how to get started and use the framework.

This presentation is useful both for managers trying to advance ‘safe and responsible gaming’ in their organisation as well as to game leads and designers, user acquisition teams, advertising teams to understand how they can and should contribute.