Latest Past Events

Tackling Supremacist Narratives in Game Design

Zoom Webinar

Speaker: Farley Cherry from Rigs of Color at Worcester Polytechnic Institute Join us for this fascinating deep dive into how supremacist narratives have thrived in the media landscape, and gain some insight into ways we can potentially tackle them. Games are media, and media does not live in a vacuum; [...]

Uncovering the Real Impact of Cheating

Zoom Webinar

Speaker: Andrew Hogan from Intorqa Up to 65% of players say they’ve experienced cheating while playing a game. But what really happens the moment a player encounters a cheat? How does it make them feel? Do they always notice? Will they stop playing? Do they all react the same way? [...]

Anzu – The Broad Impact of the Games Industry

Zoom Webinar

Speaker: Natalia Vasilyeva, Marketing & Strategy from Anzu In this webinar, Anzu will explore how many games today are reaching broad, global communities and the implications that has for how we think about our target audiences, social issues, and the varying roles of developers, publishers, and advertisers. They will ask: [...]