Youth Criminal Conduct in Gaming: Workshop Learnings and Outcomes

Hosted by the Fair Play Alliance with 30 gaming companies in attendance
In March 2022, the FPA hosted a workshop on youth criminal conduct in gaming and how we might leverage the reach of gaming to dissuade young people from heading down these paths. This report summarises the outcome of that workshop and its discussions, including what is transpiring in games, some of the causes and impacts, and recommendations for how we might address these issues going forward as an industry.

Being ‘Targeted’ about Content Moderation: Strategies for consistent, scalable and effective response to Disruption & Harm

Authors: Robert Lewington (Twitch) & Fair Play Alliance Executive Steering Committee
A study of how to use a targeted approach within reporting mechanisms in order to drive effective content moderation in online service and games.

Why Games Developers need to engage with parents to keep their communities healthy

Authors: Laura Higgins (Roblox) & Darshana Jayemanne (Abertay University)
A dive into the current landscape and recommendations.


Authors: Fair Play Alliance Steering Committee
The well-being of our members is paramount to the Fair Play Alliance. We are all experiencing an unprecedented event with the current pandemic, and we felt we should acknowledge this and offer a safe space for our members to discuss concerns, share ideas and most importantly, support one another.