The Disruption and Harms in Online Gaming Framework provides a detailed and comprehensive catalogue of what we know about problematic in-game conduct today. The goal is to empower game developers, publishers, community managers, and anyone working in online games or gaming services with greater knowledge and tools to support player well-being and foster healthier, more welcoming gaming spaces around the world.

Every player deserves a fair, safe, and inclusive space to play.

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Applying the Framework

While the Framework helps us take a significant step toward an industry-wide shared language and knowledge base, there remains much work ahead to operationalise that knowledge. As a cross-industry coalition, the FPA is committed to helping generate best practices and lifting up the learnings of our colleagues in this space.

  1. Assessing the Behaviour Landscape: How to identify and align around a shared vision for the values you want to see in game, analyze what is happening (or may happen) in your games, and meaningfully analyse player needs and personalities.
  2. Planning a Penalty & Reporting System: How to plan for a penalty and reporting system for new and live games, including how to think about the impact of these systems internally and externally.
  3. Building a Penalty & Reporting System: The path to implementing a penalty and reporting system for new and live games, as an extension to the planning resource.
  4. Community Management Guidelines: How to generate meaningful and effective community guidelines with examples from the industry.

The Authors

This Framework’s production was a collaborative effort between the Fair Play Alliance and the Anti-Defamation League’s Center for Technology and Society. It represents the collective output of hundreds of developers and specialists worldwide in the gaming industry, civil society, and academia, many of whom volunteered their time and expertise to help make this happen.