Any company in the gaming industry can join, however big or small. Your studio can be an active member without being publicly disclosed in any of our communications; we respect your desire to be as vocal or as quiet as you would like to be. If you’re a studio with lessons to share, or just want to join the quest to bring better experiences to players worldwide, please reach out.

Note that we are a professional group that is focused on creating new and better experiences for players. As such, the ability to be candid with the assumption of privacy and security is a major factor in our membership decisions. We are not interested in sales pitches, nor will we violate player privacy. For this reason, we hesitate to include members of the general public, gaming groups, or vendors, no matter how much they support our mission. The best way you can help is by spreading the word!

That being said, players are already a huge part: Within our companies we do continuous and extensive player testing and communications, and we’re always trying to improve how we listen to the communities that play our games (or want to!). This group was formed in large part because players have been overwhelmingly telling us they would like our help in improving the games they’re playing. Please continue to share your feedback with developers directly — we’re listening!

We’re also consulting with a host of experts from many fields. If you are a professional or an academic outside the industry with relevant knowledge or experience that we could benefit from, we would love to consult with you as an outside expert.

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